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We have engaged with Rapson Technologies and have received very considerate personal attention to help us develop our next phase app and clinical data management model in the digital health environment. Their approach has been very professional focused with expertise in both the marketing and on the technical support side for the kind of flexible solution we are looking for for a solution to bring to patients and healthcare professionals across different cultures. Shane lovexair Rapson Technologies 1 q4xq1z0xjbundr674ubjwag0br23m51pznljgc3d4c
Shane Fitch
Digital transformation, Rapson Technologies
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This Java Developer will be working directly with the CTO and Product team to build and scale out their current technology platform. The Developer will be producing high quality, fast code, while researching, designing and developing new applications, features, platforms and plug-ins. Additionally, this person will be a key contributor to the quality of the frontend, web services and Java middlewear development, while working in an Agile/Scrum/Continuous Integration environment.


  • 5+ years of Java development in large-scale distributed systems
  • Good understanding of GitHub, SVN and Unix/Linux, with deep knowledge REST and SOAP APIs
  • Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL Databases (Maria, MySQL, Mongo, Cassandra), and caching services, message queues, in-memory data stores and/or CDNs
  • Pluses include: knowledge of Ruby, working with container-based virtualization, and interest in Cryptocurrency/Block Chain, and Sports/Wagering