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Case Study: Altys – A Digital Asthma Assistant


Rapson Technologies, a leader in healthcare technology, has recently teamed up with Fundación Lovexair, a non-profit organization specializing in social and digital health, to introduce Altys, a revolutionary digital asthma assistant. This case study will provide an overview of the Altys project, its objectives, key collaborations, and its potential impact on the healthcare industry.


Rapson Technologies is known for its cutting-edge healthcare solutions, which include software applications, and data analytics. Their expertise in digital health made them a key partner in the development of Altys, a virtual asthma assistant.

Fundación Lovexair has been at the forefront of digital health and patient support for respiratory diseases, with a decade of experience in the field. Their HappyAir platform has been instrumental in providing care support to individuals affected by respiratory conditions.

Altys: A Digital Asthma Assistant

The Altys Project: A Digital Asthma Assistant

Altys, the virtual asthma assistant, was launched on World Asthma Day in Spain within the HappyAir platform. This innovative solution is designed to empower individuals with asthma by providing personalized care and support. Altys was created through extensive international and national collaborations, including Novartis Global Pharma, Novartis Spain, Observia, Rapson Technologies, and Santiago Mediano Lawyers.

Key Features of Altys:

Personalized Care: Altys uses Observia’s innovative technology, which specializes in e-health solutions, to understand each user’s unique needs based on their preferences and lifestyle.

Access to Healthcare Professionals: Users can connect with HappyAir coaches through Altys, allowing for personalized guidance and care programs for up to 16 weeks or longer.

Educational Content: Altys offers suitable educational content for asthma management, reviewed in collaboration with GRAP, the Spanish Respiratory Primary Care group.

Goal-Oriented: The primary goal of Altys is to help users learn to manage their asthma effectively, reduce hospital visits, and lead healthier lives.

The Role of Rapson Technologies:

Rapson Technologies played a vital role in developing the technology infrastructure and software solutions that power Altys. As a technology partner, they contributed to the seamless integration of Observia’s technology, enabling real-time interactions with Altys.

Collaboration and Impact:

The collaboration between Rapson Technologies and Fundación Lovexair, with support from Novartis and other partners, represents a significant step towards advancing digital health and personalized patient care. Altys opens doors to a future in digital health and social care by enhancing knowledge about personalized online care plans and their delivery.


The launch of Altys is a significant achievement in the field of digital healthcare, with Rapson Technologies contributing its technological expertise to this innovative project. This collaboration underscores the importance of multi-stakeholder partnerships in driving advancements in patient care and health outcomes. Altys has the potential to revolutionize asthma management, empower patients, and improve their quality of life, aligning with the vision of both Rapson Technologies and Fundación Lovexair in enhancing healthcare through technology and patient-centered approaches. 

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